This Is a Perfect Place

by Short Answers



released 02 December 2014

Clear Minded Records 2014

Written, recorded, and produced by us.

Additional vocals on "Midway" by Deborah Newberry.

Additional vocals on "Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything" by Mike Dooley, Nic Greer, Deborah Newberry, and Emily Resner, sans pants.

With thanks to Kaden Valdivieso, Heather Timm, Anthony Pultz, Kyle Lonczak, Jacquelyn Duley and Akhil Patel.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Letdown
I was new
I was born, given cheap gin, and laid in the crib
As I drank from a chipped mug and felt it in my blood
And when I became this neurotic portrait of post-adolescence,
I figured I should stay for a while, for old time's sake
And find someone to blame

I came here for answers, and I guess I got them
Still chasing after what I thought I wanted

I guess this was my own mistake
Chasing a promise you said that you'd never break
I'm chasing pieces of what you said - just disappointment

I walked home alone
Through a sea of thoughts that were wasted on me
I thought I'd let you know that I tried my best
But everyone's fake, vain, selfish and full of shame
A flame that will burn out again
Fake, vain, selfish and I'm to blame
Because you know that I was just the same

I guess this was my own mistake
Chasing a promise you said that you'd never break
I'm chasing pieces of what you said - just broken pieces
Track Name: Photographs
Shoulders pinned down to the floor
By gravity and lack of sleep
I couldn't ask for more than what you told me
And it's the only thing I get

As I drift across these helpless thoughts
As my mind sticks pins in itself
I'm breaking everything down again
I'm losing everything now

I've seen people my age
All those people who stayed inside those walls they've built
And this won't change
I'm not any different from them -- Just my first-person illusion
Do we really know anyone, anyway?
Does this really matter anyway?

The storm had hit with words you said
So I buried my heart in the snow
I prayed for spring as these days fled
And my insides forever are cold
Still you spoke, your voice so soft
"Let me take you away, you'll be free"
As I awoke, immediately, it was only me
It was only a dream

Though even dreams fade with passing days
It seems my only escape is to just lay awake

The past is a photograph, one that I never planned to keep
As I lie here staring skyward, I swore I'd never fall asleep

You said you'd take me away and I'd be free
I can't distinguish dreams from reality