Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything

from by Short Answers



New again, but no one’s here to pull me through this
Just blindly grab at the thought of it,
Swallow the pins I stuck myself with, and start again
Where have I been?
I’m here again, asking myself where the time went
Watching the world spin, and stare until it makes me sick
And everyone around me returns that stare with a lack of care
So unaware of the mess in the kid that’s always just there

I’ve been asleep for three years
Drowning in dreams of losing my teeth
And feeling the sun burn away my grief
While I let the clouds just keep raining on me

But I try my best to hide that I
Feel so lost and can’t help but still think that
Everyone else is where I should be
That everyone is doing better than me
Everyone is doing better than me

And I can’t leave
I’m terrified of uncertainty
And these impossible dreams
Are what I know and what I think make me

You say that it’s over, you say you’re ready to move on
But you’ll miss everything as soon as you’re gone
As soon as you spend the first night alone
Between empty walls
Shaking ‘cause you’ve never known
How cold it is this far from home
And now this is home...
And now this is home...
And now this is home...
And now it’s time to


from This Is a Perfect Place, released December 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Short Answers San Luis Obispo, California

Emo/Pop Punk from San Luis Obispo, CA.

Hypergiant Records

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